I was not helpful?

before bed, waiting for sleep, ask yourself, presence on this earth, do not ya bring benefits to others. not all the way first. to the family? to your neighbors? in the office, in the community? if not, we have not yet become the ideal servant of god, because, he said, the best man is a benefit to others.

no need to wait to be official, so the professor, so the boss. so that now it also must be able to bring benefit to others. if our potential to provide more material bermaafaat if our potential to provide material. science, welfare is also higher. potential benefit of a Regent of course be much larger than the headman. then, let's climb higher so that we increasingly useful.

smile is like music for the soul. This gift from the gods. hence, continued to smile and treat anxiety

beware the trap of the comfort zone

beware the trap of the comfort zone

why there was a slip when he nearly reached the peak or already be up there? get into our comfort zone, this zone is tempting. was driving a luxury, it's glorious the credit without limit, has been accepted in sophisticated circles, the temptation to follow party club-bing, sometimes inevitable "we enjoy life, enjoy is, cook and hold employment," said his colleague clubbing, then lifestyle changed, the original, very prudent, to be extravagant. initially to work hard, be relaxed, which was originally got up at 5, so broad daylight, then, can guess what happened immediately? destroyed! cautiously.

Good habits result from Resisting tempatation (ancient proverb)

habits are to the soul what thr veins and arteries are to the blood.





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